Discover what Hemsedal and the scandinavian alps has to offer!

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Expert valley - Reidarskaret High & low Hemsedal City Centre Fýri resort - Lodging option #1 Cross-Country tracks (not the race location) Stavkroa afterski Skistua Afterski Hollvin Afterski Skistar Lodge - Lodging option #2 Skarsnuten hotel Skigaarden hotel Hemsedal Via Ferrata (winter course) "Gummy forest" Fjellkaféen

Expert valley - Reidarskaret

This valley is home to some of the steepest mountain sides in Hemsedal, and offers challenging off-piste riding.

Reidarskaret should only be visited by those who are very experienced.

High & low

Indulge in some tree-top climbing, complete with zip-lines.

3-hour pass: 400 NOK
Day pass: 450 NOK

Hemsedal City Centre

Hemsedal "city centre" offers a charming blend of traditional Scandinavian architecture and modern amenities. Surrounded by snow-covered peaks, Hemsedal is a hub for winter sports enthusiasts from all over Scandinavia, offering easy access to Hemsedal Ski Resort, renowned for its diverse slopes catering to all skill levels.

Visitors can explore cozy cafes, boutique shops, and local markets to experience the warm hospitality of the community. Practical amenities such as snow gear shops, grocery markets, and liquor shops are conveniently located, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

With its enchanting atmosphere and strategic location, Hemsedal serves as the perfect base for an unforgettable winter adventure in the breathtaking Norwegian mountains.

Fýri resort - Lodging option #1

As one of two lodging options, Fyrí Resort is a winter paradise that offers a unique balance of luxury and adventure.

Fyrí is strategically positioned and offers ski-in / ski-out, allowing guests easy access to the world-class skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Hemsedal. The resort boasts exclusive amenities such as premium spa facilities, pool club, and cozy lounges where guests can unwind after a day on the slopes / after last nights afterski.

*Please note that GFL will have the Resort for ourselves during the event.

Prices for accomodation TBA.

Cross-Country tracks (not the race location)

Village tracks

Between the ski resort and the village, you’ll find the Totteskogen ski arena. Here, there are two illuminated loop tracks groomed for both classic and skate.

Stavkroa afterski

One of three afterski locations! Stavkroa, repeatedly crowned the world's best afterski, guarantees an electrifying evening brimming with infectious laughter, boundless love, a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, and an overwhelming surge of joy!

Bottoms up!

Skistua Afterski

Skistua is one of three afterski locations during GFL 2025. Boasting a huge outdoor area this will be the perfect location for when the weather is A-OK!

Hollvin Afterski

Hollvin is one of three afterski locations during GFL 2025. Enjoy birras and live music from dusk to dawn.

Skistar Lodge - Lodging option #2

The SkiStar Lodge comprises of two buildings linked by a pedestrian bridge, ensuring convenient access to restaurants, activities, and shopping for all residents. Located adjacent to the Hemsedal Ski Centre, the lodge allows for ski-in / ski-out.

The apartments feature all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay, allowing you to make the most of your time in the stunning surroundings of Hemsedal.

*Please note that GFL will not have the Lodge for ourselves during the event.

Prices for accomodation TBA.

Skarsnuten hotel

More info TBA.

Skigaarden hotel

More info TBA.

Hemsedal Via Ferrata (winter course)

Climb one of Hemsedal's many Via Ferrata routes for an adrenaline-charged adventure!

Scale cliffs, cross bridges, and conquer peaks securely tethered to iron rungs. This thrilling experience offers both a physical challenge and stunning views of the Norwegian wilderness.

Whether you're a seasoned climber or a first-time adventurer, Hemsedal's Via Ferrata delivers an unforgettable Nordic thrill!

Prices start at 890 NOK (guide and equipment included)

"Gummy forest"

Trees everywhere, close together. Not just straight up and down, but slanting, sideways, bent, twisted, and seemingly randomly placed.

To the untrained eye of a forest skier, the gummy forest may appear as complete chaos of trunks, bushes, and branches. However, for those who can see the forest beyond the gaps between the trees, it's a paradise for powder skiing – as long as you're quick to hit the slopes after snowfall.

The first encounter with a classic Norwegian off-piste in dense birch forest can be tough for many. Skis may feel unusually heavy, or the board too long when facing slightly steep terrain with densely packed small Norwegian dwarf birch. There are definitely other places where it's easier to navigate down on skis or a board.


Food and beer in the heart of the slopes.