About GFL

Golden Flight Level, or GFL, is the annual international winter sports championship of Air Traffic Controllers attracting “teams” from all over Europe and overseas locations, like USA, Canada and Australia.

GFL originated back in 1976 when air traffic controllers from Münich and Vienna met for a weekend-long skiing competition in Eben im Pongau. What started as a weekend is now a full week, consisting of various competitions, theme parties, dinners and concerts.
It truly is a special event.

2025 marks the 50th anniversary of the competition, and it is set to be held in Hemsedal, Norway!


Live from Hemsedal

About Hemsedal

Nestled in the breathtaking Norwegian mountains, Hemsedal stands as a premier destination for ski enthusiasts. Known as the “Scandinavian Alps,” Hemsedal offers an expansive and varied ski terrain suitable for skiers of all levels. The charming alpine village, surrounded by towering mountains, provides a picturesque setting for an unforgettable GFL.

Hemsedal’s pristine slopes and reliable snow season make it the ideal location for our 50th anniversary. Beyond the slopes, visitors can enjoy cozy mountain lodges, indulge in traditional Norwegian cuisine, and experience vibrant nightlife at the worlds best afterski. With a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, Hemsedal ensures that visitors can revel in the beauty of untouched landscapes while being mindful of the environment.

Live from Hemsedal

The Team

For GFL to become a reality, we depend on numerous individuals, and especially the Organization Committee. Over the course of two years, they will dedicate a significant portion of their free time to meticulously plan every aspect of this event. The team comprises both skilled rookies and seasoned GFL participants.

Get acquainted with all of them by reading on!


Point of Contact

Anna is your go-to person for any inquiries, concerns, or feedback. She ensures a seamless and positive interaction between the OC and our visitors.


Chief Party & Activity Manager

Frank meticulously plans and executes all aspects of our gatherings, creating memorable experiences. From venue selection to thematic details, he orchestrates events that leave a lasting impression.


Digital solutions

Kristoffer spearheads our technological initiatives. From website development to communication, he harnesses digital tools to enhance the overall experience of our visitors.


GFL 2025 President

Per is the driving force behind GFL 2025. Leading with foresight and determination, he guides the OC towards success, fostering innovation and excellence.


Sponsors & Transportation

Trine oversees partnerships and logistics. She cultivates relationships with sponsors and manage transportation arrangements, ensuring seamless transport both to/from and in Hemsedal.



Boel oversees arrangements for accommodation, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all our visitors. Her attention to detail guarantees a hassle-free experience.



Inger is the guardian of our financial health. Responsible for fiscal management, budgeting, and financial strategy, she ensures the stability and prosperity of our organization.


Food & Beverage Manager

Nadia meticulously plans and executes meal logistics, ensuring everyone is well-nourished and satisfied. She collaborates with local culinary experts to create memorable dining experiences.


Race Director

Ronny orchestrates thrilling and well-organized competitions. From route planning to participant coordination, he ensures that our races are a showcase of athletic prowess and excitement.

GFL Historical Locations & Winners

The Golden Flight Level has been arranged since 1976.
2025 marks the 50th anniversary of GFL.

Have a look at the competitions previous locations & winners below!

Year Location Winner
1976 Eben im Pongau, AT Vienna
1977 Eben im Pongau, AT Munich
1978 Eben im Pongau, AT Vienna
1979 Eben im Pongau, AT Stuttgart
1980 Eben im Pongau, AT München
1981 Wengen, CH Zürich
1982 Eben im Pongau, AT Zürich
1983 Bardonecchia, IT Aix-en-Provence
1984 Bohinij, SI Rovaniemi
1985 La Plagne, FR Rovaniemi
1986 Vilars, CH Geneva
1987 Eben im Pongau, AT Austria
1988 Falcade, IT Rovaniemi
1989 Kranjska Gora, SI Austria
1990 Eben im Pongau, AT Austria
1991 Falcade, IT Rovaniemi
1992 Vals, CH Rovaniemi
1993 Val Dìsère, FR Austria
1994 Lenggries, DE Rovaniemi
1995 Eben im Pongau, AT Austria
1996 Riksgränsen, SE Geneva
1997 Villars, CH Geneva
1998 Maria Alm, AT Aixtrateam
1999 Kopaonik, RS (cancelled)
2000 Banff, CA Aixtrateam
2001 Rogla, SI
2002 Sierra Nevada, ES Finland
2003 Levi, FI Finland
2004 Kopanoik, RS Karlsrühe
2005 Chamonix, FR Finland
2006 Canazei, IT Finland
2007 Oberstdorf, DE
2008 Nassfeld, AT Finland
2009 Passo Tonale, IT Finland
2010 Engelberg, CH Switzerland
2011 Lake Tahoe, US Austria / Finland
2012 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, DE Warsaw
2013 Levi, FI Padova / Blogna
2014 Kranjska Gora, SI Warsaw
2015 Les Arcs, FR Switzerland
2016 Bruneck, IT Poland
2017 Kopaonik, RS Moscow
2018 Riksgränsen, SE Switzerland
2019 Sochi, RU Russia
2020 Laax, CH Russia
2021 Galtür, AT (cancelled)
2022 La Thuile, IT Aixtrateam
2023 Galtür, AT Switzerland
2024 Bansko, BG Swiss slope runners
2025 Hemsedal, NO TBA

The GFL spirit award has, since 2012, celebrated the most socially committed teams, honoring their exceptional social skills.

The winners get to take a trophy home for a year (bragging rights).
Could this be your time to shine?

Previous Spirit Award Winners

2012 - Air Chance
-GFL Garmisch-Partenkirchen-
2013 - Matti Jänkäla
-GFL Levi-
2014 - Pink Team Reims
-GFL Kranjska Gora-
2015 - Kontrolerski Team Poland
-GFL Les Arcs-
2016- España Team GFL
-GFL Brüneck-
2017- España Team GFL
-GFL Kopaonik-
2018 - GFL Team Switzerland
-GFL Riksgränsen-
2019 - Munich Snowteam
-GFL Sochi-
2020 - Rhein Radar Farting Huskies
-GFL Laax-
2021 -
-GFL Galtür-
2022 - The "GFL community"
-GFL La Thuile-
2023 - Team Hamburg
-GFL Galtür-
2024 - Pink Team Reims
-GFL Bansko-
2025 - TBA
-GFL Hemsedal-

Registration for GFL 2025 is now closed. If you have questions, contact us via hello@gfl2025.com

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